Subject of this paper is seismic attribute analysis as the significant tool in Molve field development. The most important application of 3D seismic data, especially in development phase is characterization of inside reservoir quality based on attribute analyses. As Molve field is complex from stratigraphical, geological and other reservoir characteristic points of view the simple seismic attribute- reservoir parameter relationship couldn’t be establish. <br>There are four main lithologies in Molve field, and none of them is unified. Based on sedimentological and petrophysical analyses each lithology was separated on two main parts. At this point attribute - reservoir parameter relationship was established for “litofacies I” – limestone, but that approach was still insufficient for other lithologies. Multiattribute was created (the intention is to unify process for all lithologies; so time - frequency domain attribute was created). Now the field characteristics become highly correlated with seismic multiattribute. Probability of false correlation between reservoir characteristics and particular seismic attribute was determined based on (Kaklomey, 1997). This probability for multiattribute is around 15%.<br><br>Visualization of that attribute provides easily recognition of the area with better reservoir properties<br>As further drilling confirm, multiattribute specially delineates residual gas accumulations. <br>


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