Microseismic and infrasonic technology of oil and gas prospecting ANCHAR had been devised in Russia and patented in 1992, then in 1998. First industrial application of the technology start in 1994 in Russia, then was kept on in Russia and took place in Kazahstan, and beyond the bounds of FSU in Morocco and Bulgaria (ADD-HR).<br>Basically, the technology of stimulation of a geologic area by seismic source in use, rarely – its ‘light’ modification. In the use of microseismic prospecting methods like ‘passive’ ANCHAR, its imitation HyMAS, and etc. which don’t apply any artificial seismic sources a number of principle problems has been found by the authors of the technology. On basis of the discovered quality of Microseismic Background Noise Order in the areas of HC beds a new Entropy Criterion of HC identification has been formulated that solved a part of the problems in using of ‘passive’ ANCHAR and its analogues.<br>For the period of more than 10 years of using the technology there were tested 75 exploring and prospecting wells. Success factor was more than 80%.<br>


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