Western Processing is a former industrial waste processing and recycling facility which handled a<br>wide variety of products including animal by-products, industrial solvents, acids and cyanide sofutions.<br>In 1992 the site was placed on the National Priorities Ust. Surface cleanup was initiated at<br>that time. A geophysical investigation was conducted in 1937 in order to plan subsurface remedial actions.<br>The geophysical investigation included magnetometer/gradiometer, electromagnetic induction and<br>ground penetrating radar surveys. Most of the 13 acre site was surveyed on a 10 foot grid. A 20<br>foot radar line spacing was used. Both in-phase and quadrature phase data from the EM-31 were<br>utilized. The objective of the geophysical survey was to locate buried tanks, drums, utilities, process<br>lines and other areas of waste disposal. The survey successfully identified 39 anomalous regions.<br>Geophysical results were used to focus the subsequent boring and sampling program.


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