Over the years the use of Remote Sensing (RS) in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has evolved<br>from being seen as providing general surface information images for seismic and engineering planning<br>activities to an essential and cost effective tool to support many other added value E&P activities. With<br>the increase in the number of Satellites and their spatial resolution and different type of sensors;<br>accurate and detailed images can be acquired at a lower cost; this opened up new applications for Oil<br>industries including high accuracy surface deformation monitoring. Satellite images /data and Aerial<br>photos are used to provide overview of the regional geological setting, pre-and post plan 2D and 3D<br>seismic surveys, engineering construction activities, selection of exploration well sites, monitoring<br>environmental impact and pipeline transfer of hydrocarbons.<br>This paper demonstrate the varied application used in oil and gas activities including Surface<br>Deformation Monitoring and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects in support of reservoir surveillance<br>and geological modelling.


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