In this abstract we will demonstrate that the application of non-hyperbolic reflection tomography can<br>produce a 3D subsurface velocity model that is smooth for prestack depth migration and at the same<br>time geological for accurate subsurface pore pressure prediction and lithology interpretation. Our nonhyperbolic<br>reflection tomography workflow is very different from the conventional reflection<br>tomography workflow: no automatic volume picking of residual moveout is used. Instead a set of<br>prestack events are interpreted on prestack seismic image volumes. The prestack events carry detailed<br>moveout information that is more accurate than a single parameter fit to the common image gathers.<br>In addition the prestack events carry structure dip information that is needed for accurate 3D ray<br>tracing offset by offset. Examples will be given for both compaction driven and lithology controlled<br>geological environments.


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