Coil Shooting is a new method for acquiring a full azimuth dataset using a single towed streamer vessel. Conventional towed streamer acquisition collects a very limited range of azimiths, generally less than ten degree’s. Even with this limited azimuth sampling, In areas where the the geology is homogeneous and simple, the target reservoirs are generally still evenly illuminatd by the surface source and receiver geometry. However, in areas where the geology is complex as a result of rugose water-bottom, heavy faulting, steep dipping structure and heterogeneous over-burden, the underltying target reservoirs will be unevenly illuminated. In extreme cases large zones of the target reservoir can be completely un-illuminated with these limited azimuth geometries.<br>The first commercial coil shooting dataset was acquired off Indonesia in Spetember 2008. In total 157 coils were acquired over a 400 square km area to image two sub-surface structures.


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