The Jintan gas field is situated some 250 km North of Bintulu in 130 m of water and has been put on stream mid last year. The field is a structurally simple platform-type carbonate build-up some 5 km South of the M1 Carbonate build-up. The carbonates are of<br>Late Miocene age and top reservoir occurs at about 1600 m sub-sea. The field is covered by a<br>good-quality 3D seismic survey, acquired in 1993 as well as by some regional 2D seismic<br>lines of 1989 and 1990 vintage. The 3D seismic data has been recently reprocessed and one full stack and two sub stacks have been generated. The variability in porosity and permeability within the build-up needs to be addressed and understood for optimal field development. And, this study has been carried out to support the development plan, where two infill wells were planned and are currently being drilled.


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