Over the last two decades, numerous small 3D seismic campaigns with varying objectives have been conducted in the Croatia – Hungary border area. For the purpose of better understanding the subsurface relations, the need to merge existing surveys emerged. The most recently acquired project of Novi Gradac-Potony 3D was designed to allow merging with the previously processed adjacent 3D projects (Barcs Southeast, Barcs West and eastern part of Molve South). According to the test results, it was decided to merge those surveys in pre-stack stage, i.e., from the original field tapes. In such way, plenty of tricky issues encountered, like different original processing flows, mismatches of static shifts, phase and amplitude variations, discrepancies in velocity fields, etc. were directly addressed. The final result was a single consolidated 3D data volume with a near perfect match across the four projects which allow more confident seismic interpretation.


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