Water Environment in Shanghai got more and more attentions. The hotspots are wastewater discharge and pollutant content in Changjiang and Huangpu rivers. From 1981 to 2009, the city wastewater discharge was fluctuated between 18*108 ton and 24*108 ton. Inside, the gross of industrial wastewater was trendily decreasing from more than 13*108 ton at 1980s to about 7*108 ton recently years. The gross of living wastewater was increasing trendily, it related with increasing of city population. The month flux of chemical pollutant discharged by Changjiang River was between 25.9*104 ton to 209.6*104 ton in recently years. The average pollutant gross carried by Changjiang River in year, was about 593.45*104 ton among 2002 to 2009; about 83.68% was COD. Other pollutants were nutrients, oil, heavy metal and arsenic, the variability was larger with year. The month flux of pollutant carried by Huangpu River was 2.56*104 ton, more than 63% was COD averagely. The pollutant gross had an increasing trend year by year. Generally, the percent of pollutant from Huangpu River was about 3.6 to 4.4% compared with that in Changjiang River.


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