Very important water sources of Denizli city which are Kozlupınar and Bentpınar springs where take place between Pamukkale University and the Bağbaşı village have been investigated to find the feeding directions of groundwater and to obtain the fresh water for near counties. Those springs are the East part of the Aegean horst and graben systems. In the drainage systems of Gökpınar dams, those springs altitude of topography is high and the Sothern site and along the North Slope of the Bağbaşı village, they take place on the top of the slope debris and some deposited cones. Geoelectric and electromagnetic methods have been used to investigate the affect of drainage and urban area on the fresh water in the county of Sarayköy. Vertical electrical sounding has been performed on 48 points and GPR method was carried out about 6.4 km horizontally using georadar. As a result of hydro-geological and geophysical studies, affective feeding area of the springs is investigated in the area. This study may be the good example to investigate the feeding direction and the location of the springs for similar type of projects.


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