A geophisical study is performed to determine and delineate cupper mineralizations at the surface/subsurface in the Maricá Formation near Caçapava do Sul city, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. The magnetometric method was applied with the main objective to identify the main structures related tocupper mineralizations that occur in metasedimentary rocks from Maricá formation. Magnetometric anomaly maps and 21/2 D modeling allowed a correlation with the knowns rocks in the area and also identify contrast variations lateraly and in depth The anomalies are correlated with the localy ore occurences in the area with a NE trend coincident with the localy observed structures in the study and ore concentrations in different investigation levels. Association with another geophysical methods is important to confirm and aprimorate proposed models and also the structures correlated with Cu concentrations for the region. The magnetometry acquisition in detail scale, associated with processing and modeling is a valuable tool, efficient, low cost and effective in the detection, determination, characterization and geometry analysis of cupper accumulation.


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