We have modified the Parameterized Regional Ionospheric Model (PARIM) to include the longitudinal dependences. This model has been reconstructed using multidimensional Fourier series. To validate PARIM results, the equatorial electron densities/plasma<br>frequencies for the E and F regions are compared with the values calculated by Sheffield Plasmasphere- Ionosphere Model (SUPIM). PARIM presents very good results, the old version inconsistencies for the F-region peak height (hmF2) near the geomagnetic equator during times of occurrence of the F3 layer were eliminated. PARIM results for the E-region peak density show excellent agreement with the observational values obtained during the conjugate point equatorial experiment (COPEX) campaign. foF2 and hmF2 calculated by PARIM show good agreement with the observations, except during daytime over Boa Vista and Campo Grande. Modelled TEC maps have also presented coherent values for the Brazilian sector.


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