In general, application of modem technology to ancient mineral deposits is a learning process that can be expensive, time consuming and draining to a company's precious human resources. To stay abreast of new technology and remain competitive in an increasingly environmentally demanding society, hi-tech research has become of primary concern to the management of this company. The principles of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) were evaluated at the Sixteen to One mine and found to have good potential for locating high grade pockets underground. This paper presents a description of ore occurrences at the mine, the company's motivation for testing GPR, and its suitability for, locating high grade gold pockets. Also presented are underground test results, and a discussion of findings and suggestions for this application and similar ones in the future. The geologic features at this mine are somewhat unique, and it is doubtful that specific results can be readily adapted to mines elsewhere. Intertwined with technical facts and figures the reader will discover a human factor found to be important in the successful application of this technology and all others. The inquisitive personality in conjunction with a "nuts and bolts" academic personality has proven to be a successful combination for the evaluation of GPR It is however, no substitute for proper planning.


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