The height variation of the atomic oxygen quantum yields f(1S ) and f (1D) in dissociative recombination of the molecular oxygen ions (0+) in the nocturnal F-region are still not well understood. The height variation of f (1D) and f (1S) are here determined utilizing rocket airglow (OI 630 nm and OI 557.7 nm) and electron density data obtained in a rocket experiment that was carried out at Natal (geogr. 5.8°S, 35.2°w), Brazil, on 3.1 October 1986. We utilize in this paper the airglow volumetric emission rate and electron density to calculate f (1S) and f (1D), individually, which are compared with the previously published results of in-situ and laboratory measurements our results show f( S) to be height dependent. It varies from 1.96 x 10- at 190 km to 1.33 x 10 at 315 km with an average value of .053. The averaqe value for the first experiment was .041. The f(lD) magnitude was also found to vary significantly with altitude, its value increasing both upwards and downwards from 250 km where it attains a minimum of about .77.


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