What used to be performed in the “old days” by company geophysicists is now being done by QC consultants, “interventorias”, company-men, supervisors, and probably by some other titles, to manage the multiple disciplines involved during a seismic project. Not only does the contracted person have to be responsible for representing the client during the seismic acquisition itself but often also to manage HSE compliance, the quality of surveying, drilling, permitting, community relations and logistics on behalf of the client. Plus reporting his daily, weekly and monthly QC activities! Clients always want to hire the most knowledgeable, and hopefully most experienced, person for their project. This however, does not always possible due to the limited availability of qualified personnel. In an effort to try to somewhat alleviate both the scarcity and experience problems, Jaguar has developed a modular QC Project Management software system. The objective is for the client to be able to receive consistent and repeatable (“standardized”) results from his QC personnel on any project. The system has modules for monitoring HSE compliance; quality control of energy source functioning during acquisition, confirmation of contractor reported production statistics, KPIs; comparison of pre- and post-plot positioning for surveying accuracy; hand-held GPS units to photograph and confirm various inspections, incidents or restoration activities with time- and location-stamps for compliance with contractual or governmental requirements.


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