Senoro field is a proven carbonate gas reservoir, located in the north-eastern region of Senoro-Toili Block, Sulawesi. Six wells have been tested 18-20 MMSCFD of gas rate from Miocene carbonate of Minahaki platform. A multidiscipline study was conducted by integrating geology, geophysics, petrophysics and reservoir engineer data. This paper presents reservoir characterization and static geomodeling study to identify new well proposals for further future development plan. This study was commenced with structural model configuration based on 2D seismic interpretation and well log correlation. Facies was analyzed based on core and log calibration, while at un-cored intervals, it was predicted using electrofacies approach. Porosity-permeability cross plot was formulated by incorporating facies definition. Accordingly, 3 transforms were recognized. To distribute facies and porosity, sequential geostatistic approach was applied by incorporating AI model as secondary trend, while permeability model was calculated based on aforementioned transforms. J function method was performed to estimate water saturation in the transition zone, so that capillary-gravity equilibrium was taken into account. Finally, volumetric calculation was quantified based on 3D porosity and water saturation, while permeability model was used in dynamic flow simulation. Based on the reservoir simulation, 15 new wells have been proposed for field development optimization.


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