All major pay zones in Xishugang oilfield in the eastern China had reached 90% or more water cut by the year of 2009. Studies have shown that a lot of bypass oil remaining in the reservoir and the question is what the effective approach is to improve the oil recovery after the over 30 years water flooding and over 4 years polymer flooding in the mid to high permeability fluvial deposited sandstone reservoir. After new temperature-resistant and salt-tolerant pre-cross linked swellable particle gel (PPG) injection into a few dozen wells as a field trial, we have used a sophisticated simulator to evaluate the injections, and used the calibrated model data to assist the PPG injection design optimizations including pumping rate, PPG loading concentration, lateral pressure gradient maintaining, and total pumping time for over a hundred wells. The results are very encouraging. An over half million tons oil production increment have been estimated since the PPG injection has been in place during last 2 years, and the general investment input and output ratio is over 4.5 has been achieved during the first two years of this operation.


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