There is abundant natural gas in Kuqa foreland area of Tarim basin, it has characteristics of reservoir burial depth (5500-7500m), high gas reservoir pressure (105-125Mpa), complex corrosive medium (the partial pressure of CO2 is beyond 2 Mpa, the chlorinity is between 100000 ppm and 140000ppm), and the overburden lithology of gas reservoir is complex (there is heavy calcium rock and mudstone layer), which bring well integrality high challenge. During over three years practice, through exploring the extreme high pressure down hole string shock checker, tubing tongs torque field proving, establishing extreme high pressure complex corrosion behavior pipe simulation behavior laboratory evaluation criterion, supporting air spider and threaded He gas tight detection device, several techniques are formed initially including extreme high pressure gas well pipe simulation behavior evaluation technique, extreme high pressure gas well wellbore evaluation technique, extreme high pressure gas well string layout and mechanical check technique, completion string quality control technique, it provides dynamic guarantee for long-term secure manufacture in Kuqa extreme high pressure extreme deep gas reservoir.


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