ose fracturing pressure and formation pressure is very near. It is easy to cause drilling complex problems such as well kick and well loss. In order to solve the problems, a pressure control drilling system (PCDS) was developed, including automatic manifold system, back-pump system and auto-control system, which can control the pressure distribution in the entire borehole annular precisely through closedloop automatic control system. The kernel of PCDS is auto-control system which has three significant characteristic, including an advanced real-time hydraulic method, simple and effective control system, self-adaptive control strategies. The auto-control system configuration composes of field-bus device, controller and workstation which form three levels. LevelⅠis measure and on-site diagnosis level. LevelⅡ is monitor and control level. Level Ⅲ is optimized control level. From 2011 to now, the PCDS has successfully finished six field services in China which can provides additional flow-rate and back pressure to compensate for the reduction or increment of bottom hole pressure while making a connection, reduction in rig pump rate, change in mud weight or drill pipe movement and so on. The underbalanced-pressure control technology is also developed which is different from the conventional PCDS technology because the controlled bottom-hole pressure is lower than pore pressure of formation and the gas or fluid can be allowed to come out from formation at a controlled rate which is benefit to protect reservoir and improve ROP. The applications prove that the PCDS equipment can control the bottom-hole pressure in an exact range and the precise pressure control technology of underbalanced drilling is feasible. So the PCDS equipment can easily adapt to do overbalanced, near-balanced and under-balanced drilling operation and will be more successful in the oil or gas well with safety and fast drilling in the future.


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