Aim of this paper is contribution to MDI etiopathogenesis appeared under the influence of enormous CEMF<br>intensities and explanation of central nervous system (CNS) operation from knowing the effect of natural<br>physical fields on evolution of living world and CNS operation aspect. Correlation between enormous CEMF<br>and MDI was determined. Effect of enormous CEMF zones upon CNS had been revealed, and then the diseased<br>was moved away from the enormous zones influence. Synthesis of two data groups was made. Processing the<br>first data group correlation between present enormous CEMF zones and CNS of the diseased was determined.<br>The second data group is theoretical explanations of unclearness found in literature concerning CNS from<br>knowing the CEMF aspect. Coincidence of practical measuring results and theoretical explanations of almost all<br>unclearness from the literature on CNS was determined.<br>It was concluded that enormous CEMF are the main cause of MDI appearance and that moving the diseased<br>away from enormous zones is a great help to the patient and his doctor in treatment.


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