It has become extremely important in recent years to do a better job in well planning to ensures that<br>well cost estimates and drilling programs are as complete and accurate as possible. Comprehensive well<br>programs and realistic estimates are nescessary to determine which drilling prospects are most attractive<br>considering current upstream economics.<br>Pore pressure analysis is the initial and in most cases, the most important step in developing an<br>accurate, complete well program. Casing setting depths, hole sizes, number of casing strings, mud programs<br>and hydraulics, are examples of items in a well program which are influenced by the pore pressure profile<br>determined for a well. Pore pressure analysis is especially critical for exploratory and delineation wells but<br>until recently our predictive techniques were somewhat inadequate.<br>This paper will present general survey of the application of the log and core techniques well prior to<br>drilling and the applications and the results in productivity, also temperatures distribution in the Suplacu de<br>Barcau field during the combustion process.<br>As a general introductory we can say from the historically point of view that the degree of<br>knowledge of geological structure of Pannonian Basin, (where the Suplacu de Barcau field is situated), it is<br>due to the geological and geophysical prospects, and to exploration works which had been performed in this<br>unity.


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