The pyretic deposit are widely introduced on Ural. These objects find direct or indirect exhibiting in physical fields at all hierarchical levels entitiess - … ore bearing and ore zones, ore clusters and ore-volcanic centers, ore fields, ore field’s block and ore bodies … The priority of geophysics in looking ups is indisput-able. In conditions of a plenty of the geological and geophysical information of terrain by designed yard-sticks the localization of fields of detailed looking ups up to the floor space 2-4 km2 is possible. Here with usage of modern hardware - methodical facilitiess the discoverings leaked before small-sized not deep seated ore deposit in limens of ore bearing and ore zones and giant ore deposit in limens of ore clusters and ore-volcanic centers are most interquartile. On an example Dombarian district the optimum technology of look-ing ups of small-sized fields is uncovered. The experimental researches rotin possibility of eliciting of giant ore deposit on unapproachable earlier depthes.


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