On evidence, derived from the most of litologists, engaged in reservoirs of East Siberia, the type of the reservoir, inherent in particular for fields of Jurubcheno-Tokhomsky zone (JTZ), is porous-cavernous-fractured. In this case, properties of filtration and capacitance of the geologic section is a subject to lateral variation fairly sharply. Such a complex structure calls for development of special criteria of search and prospecting of reservoir and constructing special technique, based on these criteria. It is known, that fracturing leads to anisotropy of geological parameters, which in its turn results in an anisotropy of elastic parameters. These parameters may be evaluated by means of measuring of parameters of waves of different types in different directions. In the report results of the VSP works in one of boreholes of JTZ are presented, which were run by special technique. They allowed to emerge fractured zones in carbonate section of proterozoic deposits and to estimate the parameters of fracturing.


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