Mature fields are the backbone of global oil and gas production. In fact, 70% of worldwide oil production comes from mature fields. A great deal of knowledge about how to exploit mature fields has been gathered throughout the years. However, as more areas become mature, new situations and new challenges arise. Revitalizing these fields extends their productive life and offers significant opportunity to expand worldwide reserves. New technology is critical when trying to increase hydrocarbons extracted from a field beyond the original expectations. This paper highlights emerging techniques associated with five key aspects of revitalizing mature fields. These are: energizing the reservoir using water and polymer flooding on viscous oil fluids, enhancing reservoir deliverability through pinpoint hydraulic fracturing techniques, assuring optimal injectant placement using lasting, functional smart well completions, and improving the rod pumps by using linear lift systems. Also, while technology plays an indispensable role in revitalizing a mature field, cost control, risk management, and optimizing economics are equally important throughout the decision-making process. This paper describes the impact of each emerging mature field technique and discusses recent advancements in technology that enable a new, distinctive approach to increasing production and recovery during the mature stages of the life of a field.


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