With increasing complexity to tap oil in clastic reservoirs due to stratigraphy, structure and facies variation optimization of placement of horizontal well has become a key to success. To augment this aspect Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has established Geosteering Centre which has become the hub for decision making while the well is getting drilled for landing at top of reservoir or lateral is being drilled. The Great Burgan field located in South East Kuwait asset of KOC major Horizontal drilling campaign started in 2005 mostly in clastic reservoirs.. This field been on the production since 70 years, most of its development wells were drilled and completed as vertical or deviated. It was decided to utilize horizontal well technology to drill thin productive layers. This paper illustrates an integrated approach using 3D-Model along with seismic analysis, knowledge sharing and most advanced Geosteering technology to successfully transfer, edit, and interpret the dynamic data in real time to monitor the drilling progress specially the lateral section. This state-of-the-art computing and visualization technology enables geologists to take corrective measures keeping the well in sweet zone as much as possible, through direct satellite communication with the rig’s Geosterring unit and planned well course VS actual trajectory was continually updated and well path corrected based on information received. The Geosteer center moved Field Development South-East Kuwait to a whole new level of collaboration that is equipped with latest in visualization, communication and computer technology in order to properly place and geologically navigate one of the world’s largest siliciclastic reservoirs. Today the interactive process of geosteering, using real-time data and making real-time decision has resulted in mitigating inherent geological risk in order to optimize the best drilling results for each horizontal well and to ensure an effective implementation of all new ongoing field development plans and made it possible to tackle thin reservoirs which now can be drilled economically.


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