A new wireless telemetry system has been field tested in a variety of conditions in Middle East with excellent reliability. This wireless system enables bidirectional communication between the surface and downhole tools during testing operations by using acoustic signal. The wireless telemetry is used to transmit bottomhole pressure and temperature to the surface and permits control of downhole tools. This paper will describe the operating principle of the wireless system, present examples of how this system has been used to optimize the testing operations and summarize the key benefits achieved. The real time downhole data, compared with memory data has shown good match, has been streamed to client office successfully in real time, realized benefits from the operation and reservoir aspects for a vertical deep offshore well: Efficient management of wellbore events; providing operational awareness about tools status; refining the test sequences in real time, verifying underbalanced prior to perforation, monitoring stimulation pressures at sandface to avoid fracturing, updating the reservoir interpretation in real-time, optimizing the duration of flowing well sequences (clean up) and verifying the achievement of test objectives prior to retrieving DST string.


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