P265 DETECTION OF FRACTURED RESERVOIRS ON THE BASIS OF QUASI-ANISOTROPY BY MEANS OF CONVENTIONAL SONIC LOGGING In seismic prospecting a shear-wave splitting effect may be observed for example when using a VSP method comprising 3C polarized observations along the borehole wall. As for conventional sonic logging we are unaware of the publications describing fractured reservoir detection in this relation. EAGE 65th Conference & Exhibition — Stavanger Norway 2 - 5 June 2003 1 VALERY Z. KOKSHAROV 1 YURI A.NEFYODKIN 2 and YURI. A. ORLOV 2 1 Tyumenneftegeophysika JSC 173 Respubliki Street 625023 Tyumen Russia 2 Russian Academy of Sciences Institute


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