The deterministic software MassFLOW-3D™ has been developed to construct a 3D model for the simulation of turbidity currents. All hydraulic properties of the flow and its responses to topography can be monitored in 3D. It can fill the gap between small laboratory and large field scale. The presented study is aimed to evaluate the flow behavior and distribution of deposits in the Maastrichtian-Danian sequence of the Ormen Lange system.In order to run a 3D numerical simulation, the palaeo-bathymetry at time of deposition had to be reconstructed. This process, combined to the observation of the sediments thickness in the field, led to the creation of alternative surfaces.In addition, multiple grain sizes were represented in the model. Different realizations observing different possible scenarios aimed to reproduce the stratigraphy observed from the core samples were performed.The simulations produced deposits showing an overall good match with what was observed in the field, providing a range of physically plausible scenarios of reservoir development. Nonetheless the match at a well level was not perfect. This is due to the limited number of flows performed, as well as to the uncertainties inherent in the palaeo-bathymetric reconstruction and the definition of initial flow characteristics.


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