The Post-Stack inversion is one of seismic inversion methodology to enhance the interpretation. It is expected that the thin bed layer can be classified by information of amplitude spectrum which contain the low frequency in the seismic data. The amplitude of seismic is generally used for mapping and reservoir characterization to distinguish the facies with others facies, by seeing the stratigraphic change of lateral amplitudes. For example, the thickness of sandstone where is located below the coal can be misinterpreted due to the fact that coal absorbs the frequency of seismic. Based on this recognition, the methodology of seismic inversion is applied in order to increase the resolution of seismic data, and derivative attribute is required to restore the result of inversion to seismic. In this paper, the seismic inversion is applied to produce a wider frequency range to optimize the high resolution for analyzing the reservoir characterization in the exploration field. The strong correlation of Acosutic Impedance (AI) inversion from seismic result with derivative attribute ensures the applicability of this technique for mapping sandstone distribution.


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