The results of the hydrocarbon potential assessment of some structures in Barents Sea are discussed. They were received by using the mobile technology of frequency-resonance processing and interpretation of remote sensing data. Mapped large anomalous zone of the "gas reservoir" and "gas-condensate reservoir" type on the unique Shtokman field allows to conclude, that giant and unique HC deposits in the Arctic region can be detected and mapped by used mobile method. The absence of anomalous zone over Central structure on the Fedynsky high and the relatively small anomalous zone over Pakhtusovskaya structure indicate that the probability of finding giant fields within these structures is very low. Consequently, the detailed geological-geophysical studies and drilling within these structures at this stage of prospecting are impractical due to the fact that at such a distance from the coast now is economically feasible to develop only the giant and unique HC deposits.The received results show, that the technology provides a unique opportunity to operatively investigate in reconnaissance character within the Barents-Kara Seas the most promising areas for the detection of giant and unique HC fields. This may significantly speed up the development of the oil and gas potential of Arctic region.


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