Deep overpressure plays have emerged as an important exploration target in West Baram Delta as this mature region has been extensively explored for more than 100 years. Significant hydrocarbon discoveries in shallow plays indicate enormous potential in the deeper targets.The first ever HPHT drilling campaign commenced in December 2011 with 2 wells drilled, using a 15000 psi capacity rig. These HPHT wells have successfully tested deep seated overpressures plays at depths over 4500m below mudline. Both wells were drilled close to the 15,000 psi BOP operational limit with Well-B recording the highest reservoir pressure to date in Malaysia, approximately 14000psi at a temperature of 152°C.Throughtout these HPHT campaign, monitoring various gas trends (Swabbed Gas, Background Gas, Connection Gas, Trip Gas, and Pump-off Gas) was found to be a reliable indicator for pore pressure estimation. Small increases in event gas peak amplitudes were flagged and interpreted to signal increased pore pressure, with mud weights raised accordingly.


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