The Reverse Vertical Seismic Profile (RVSP) has advantages of less attenuation, high resolution, broad frequency bandwidth and closer to the reservoir target. It is valuable to improve the limited impedance resolution of the conventional 3D seismic inversion and overcome the inherently non-unique problem of seismic impedance inversion method. We presented a joint inversion method based on the Bayesian theorem, RVSP and the surface seismic data are combined together with the likelihood function, the sparse spike assumption is determined with Cauchy distribution that consistent with the field well logging reflectivity characteristic. With this joint inversion framework, the high frequency contents of RVSP have be used to improve the impedance resolution of the surface seismic data. The field data test shows that the resolution of impedance joint inversion with the RVSP and surface seismic data is higher than the resolution of the conventional well-logging constrained impedance inversion method. It is a valid way to solve the reservoir characterization problems with the high-resolution impedance data for multi-geophysical data.


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