Recent well data is throwing new light on the prospectivity of the Dinantian Carbonates, a play which is under-explored in the Southern North Sea area. The geothermal well CAL-GT-01, drilled onshore the Netherlands in 2012, encountered a thick interval of highly productive Dinantian limestone. This is in contrast with the tight carbonate reservoir encountered in two other wells that also drilled Dinantian carbonate build-ups located to the North of the London-Brabant Massif. Comparison of the geological evolution of the build-ups has led to insights with the potential to better predict the presence of karst and fractures. These learnings are relevant for petroleum exploration and for geothermal projects. The prospectivity screening, as conducted by EBN, has identified a cluster of leads in the Southern North Sea, close to existing infrastructure. The presentation will explain the play, with examples from seismic and well data to illustrate the differences in the evolution and reservoir quality of the Dinantian carbonate build-ups in the Dutch subsurface. Also comparisons are made to relevant outcrops and fields producing from Dinantian carbonate reservoirs. In addition the results of the prospectivity screening will be presented.


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