A total number of 100 earthquakes recorded by more than 14 stations from Egypt and Saudi Arabia Seismic Networks around the Gulf of Aqaba were relocated and the seismic stations correction for P-wave is estimated using joint hypocenter determination method. Eight stations KAT, DHB, TR2, RDS, BDA, TAY, JMQ and TBK have minus signs in the station P-wave travel time corrections and their values -0.765, -0.126, -0.332, -0.369, -0.402, -0.302, -0.501 and -0.416. It is possible to assume that the underground structure in this area has a particular characteristic of high velocity structure and other stations BST, TR1, SHR, HAQ, JMO and ALW have positive sign and their values 0.776, 0.405, 0.900, 0.233, 0.262 and 0.638 respectively. It is possible to assume that underground structure in this area has particular characteristic of low velocity structure. The station corrections reflect not only different crustal condition in the vicinity of the stations, but also the difference between actual and model seismic velocities along each of the earthquake - station ray paths.


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