The Ordovician strata is dominated by carbonate rocks in the Chenghai buried hill of Dagang exploration area in the east of China, with fractures and vugs as reservoir space, and strong heterogeneity. Big in buried depth and complex in geological conditions, it is very difficult to effectively predict the fractures and vugs in the plan distribution with any single prediction method, so it is necessary to use various methods from multiple points of view to confirm each other in the research into Ordovician reservoirs. In view of this, the method combining coherence analysis and seismic pixel processing has been applied to predict favorable fracture zone from different views for the buried hill, and a variety of seismic techniques are used to comprehensively analyze the prediction results, comprehensive evaluation plan of fracture prediction of the upper strata of Ordovician has been finished, and fracture developed areas identified, improving the reliability of prediction and providing an important basis for exploration decision.


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