The reservoir monitoring in producing fields is a critical input for developing an effective reservoir management strategy. The integration of Spectral Noise Logging tool (SNL) with the High Precision Temperature gauges (HPT) provides a good technique for a volumetric assessment of behind tubing and behind casing flow profiles. Both the SNL and HPT logging tools have large radius of investigation and provide significant information to enhance reservoir characterization, monitor sweep efficiency, and identify residual hydrocarbons in flushed and invaded zones. The actual flow pattern around the wellbore can be used to improve history matching, plan more effective remedial jobs, optimize production, and enhance recovery through better reservoir management. This paper describes the main principles of the SNL-HPT technology, the acquisition methods and interpretation principles and some blind casesapplications performed in an oil field, both in producers and water injectors characterized by natural dump flooding technique. The main objectives of these applications consisted of well investigations: behind tubing and behind casing flow, identification and localization of fractures, evaluation of well production optimization activities, identification and localization of injection volumes outside the logging interval, monitoring of water injection/production profiles and others.


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