The scope of the project THERMTEC is to model thermal-tectonic orogenetic processes in the Eastern Alps. Regional geothermal regimes are influenced by tectonically induced processes in terms of uplift or depression, which in combination with exogene processes like erosion and sedimentation lead to significant geothermal anomalies. This study aims to investigate the influence of two antithetic tectonic processes on the recent geothermal regime for the Tauern Window in order to detect possible zones of positive and negative heat flux anomalies. Geophysical, geochronological and petrophysical investigations as well as 3D geological modeling (using GocadTM) are part of the research. Using the software package COMSOL MultiphysicsTM coupled thermal-tectonic modeling will be carried out during several steps focusing on a regional scale geometric 3D model covering the whole Tauern Window. Starting with a conductive, steady-state model and leading to more complex simulations (transient advection and mass movement). Results will be compared with observed recent terrestrial heat fluxes, palaeothermal conditions gained from geochronological data.


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