The EWS (Early Warning system) is a new technology applied in the advanced and prone to the earthquake risk countries. According of the new project SIMORA new methodology is performed to the seismogenic structure and a seismotectonic model of the region is developed. As the activated fault was not known (so called “blind faults”) deep geophysical complex investigations have been applied. It includes detailed gravity and magnetic fields measurements, new interpretations, comparison with the known and unknown seismic active structures and detailed study of the space-time seismicity patterns. Due to the applied research together with more detailed additional field measurements by electric resistive methods, radioactivity measurements and magnetic susceptibility profiling is expected to make a clear view of the local and regional geophysical fields. After the model is established the new approach for the selection of the strong motion devices locations is executed. Field measurements about the seismic noise (anthropogenic or natural) are performed. The spectral characteristics and amplitude levels are clarified according to the international requirements about reliability. The devices are intended to be put around the seismic source. In parallel such devices can serve as an instrument of the early warning to the local authorities and population.


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