Fault related dolomitization is a key topic for carbonate reservoirs characterization, because often these types of dolomites are necessary a good reservoir. Fault-related dolomites are normally related to the circulation of hydrothermal or hot fluids across fault systems and developing often a tree-like structure. The duration and the efficiency of the dolomitization mechanism are key controlling factors in the variation of porosity and pore network type, but if the circulation of these fluids last too much, the precipitation of dolomite cements can drastically reduce any remaining porosity ("overdolomitization"). However, the dolomitizing fluid is a fluid reacting with the host rock and it is not necessarily linked only to the dolomitization process. Often, fault related dolomitization can be anticipated by a phase of intensive corrosion within carbonates, enhancing the fracture and pore network that allows the fluid circulation.


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