Green Mubazarah area is a touristic area, located in Al-Ain City, UAE. This area is planned to be the site of intensive touristic constructions. Magnetic Survey has been acquired to investigate the subsurface structures in the area, which are geologically evidenced in the nearby surrounding outcrops. Total magnetic field (TF), Regional – Residual separation technique, Reduced to Magnetic pole (RTP), First derivative in X, Y, XY directions and tilt derivative have been carried out. As well as, the depths of the magnetic anomalies have been estimated. Finally, subsurface geologic structures have been presented in the final Magnetic fault trends map. Surface geological observations revealed that, the faults dissecting the nearby outcrops can be classified according to their trends into four fault-sets. The most prevailing one trends in E– W and has sinistral displacement. The subordinate fault-sets are oriented in NE-SW and NW-SE and dominate in the northern and middle part of the study area. N-S fault trend is also indicated. The magnetic anomalies show a good agreement with the surface structural trends. The depth estimation reflects shallow depths of the magnetic anomalies, which may reflect the shallow mineralized fault zones, which have been visually detected in certain locations.


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