B014 Automated Horizon and Geobody Extraction Using 3D Seismic Waveform Sequences H.G. Borgos* (Schlumberger) O. Gramstad (Schlumberger) G.V. Dahl (Schlumberger) P. Le Guern (Schlumberger) L. Sonneland (Schlumberger) & J.F. Rosalba (Petrobras) SUMMARY A methodology for automated 3D interpretation is presented. Sequences of horizons (seismic events) are constructed from pre-computed horizon primitives. These horizon primitives are subsequently used to generate geobodies. Classification techniques can be applied to automatically group seismic events into classes of similar seismic waveform when performing seismic interpretation as described by Borgos et al. (2003). In this work we describe how the classification approach can be used to


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