P264 Low–Frequency Spectral Anomalies of Seismic- Wave Reflections from Poroelastic Layers. 1D Numerical Experiments B. Quintal* (ETH Zurich) S.M. Schmalholz (ETH Zurich) Y.Y. Podladchikov (PGP Oslo) & J.M. Carcione (OGS Trieste) SUMMARY Low-frequency (1-10 Hz) reflection anomalies related to hydrocarbon-saturated rocks with anomalously high values of attenuation have been reported in the literature. We study low-frequency reflections from a poroelastic (Biot's theory) layered reservoir which is embedded in an elastic background medium using 1D finite-difference modeling of wave propagation. The reservoir has a constant thickness and consists of a variable number of two alternating layers with different material properties. For


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