In this project geophysical, geological and geotechnical data has been collected from the Suurpelto construction site. The Suurpelto site is locating in the City of Espoo in southern Finland. The main aim of the studies is to investigate the geological history of the site and also use the data for constructional purposes. Airborne, ground as well as laboratory geophysical techniques have been used during this project. AEM measurement is fast method for outlining the highly conductive clay areas. 1D-inversion of 4-frequency AEM data was done using constrains from other Suurpelto datasets. More detailed conductivity structures were achieved from inverted ERT and ground EM data. The laboratory resistivity measurements revealed the highly conductive clays and less conductive gyttja clay sections from the drillhole samples. These sediments are the most difficult for constructional purposes.


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