We have been developing the borehole 3D ultrasonic measurement system which can measure the 3 dimensional size of a cavity passed through by the borehole. The system has transmitters and receivers with main frequencies of 20 kHz and 100 kHz, and radial directivity, which are designed with relatively lower frequency to penetrate the PVC or acrylic casing installed in a borehole especially. The system installs the very small electronic compasses for measuring an azimuth angle of the reflection event.In order to verify the applicability of the system to the borehole which has acrylic or PVC casing, we carried out the experiment where the measurement sensor was located at the acrylic pipe in water tank. It is found that the ultrasonic wave can penetrate the acrylic casing and the signal reflected behind the casing can be detected. The field test for applicability of the system was carried out at the borehole which is fully cased by PVC casing. 3D shape of the cavity was figured and the weaker direction was found.


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