MapViewer v2005.1.0. managing UBCID at scale 1:10’000 jointly<br>with MapInfo Professional (19 wor. files) & Arc View ( 19 apr. files).<br>Studies of UBCID at scale 1:10000 is following:<br>1. Digital map compilation for topographic maps (Figure 1) of Ulaanbaatar<br>capital at scale 1:10’000.<br>2. Developing attributes (Figure 3) for each topographic elements of topographic<br>databanks (Figure 2) of Ulaanbaatar capital at scale 1:10000.<br>3. Remote sensing of QUICKBIRD image (Figure 4), resolution 65 sm.<br>Accordingly 19 lists of digital topographic maps Ulaanbaatar city at scale<br>1:10000 can be served as a basic Topographic Information Database for Cadastral<br>Information Database Ulaanbaatar City. UBCID at scale 1:10000 includes 1071 files,<br>40 folders, 19 topographic information databank, size on dick 619998 K. Digital<br>maps for each topographic elements geocoded at Gauss-Kruger (GK) projection zone<br>18 & figured as the matrixes, attributes for each topographic elements correctly<br>compiled. Digital photogrammetry for remote sensing at SAR image developing in<br>Universal Transverse Merkator (UTM) projection zone 48.


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