The COUY-1 well (scientific well drilled in 1987, program “Géologie Profonde de la France”) presents a complete log data set, continuous cores and a well known geological context. Consequently, it is an appropriate case study to test the new technologies and workflows for organic rich shale characterization. This well is an open window on the Lower Toarcian shale: “Schistes Cartons” in France, lateral equivalent of the famous “Posidonia Shale”. The integration of various analyses from COUY-1 logs, cores and cuttings (geochemistry, mineralogy, geomechanic, logs...) led us to update the characterisation of the Lower Toarcian organic rich shales, despite the age of the dataset (almost 30 years). These new analytic approaches (QEMSCAN, CT-Scan, Nano-indentation...), coupled to common analysis in an optimized workflow, allow to consider larger studies with heterogeneous databases, long as geoscientists have access to cuttings. The main analysis recently performed from the COUY-1 dataset by SGS, with BRGM support, will be presented during the WS04 EAGE Workshop and compared with previous studies in Dutch North Sea and SW Algeria.


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