Recently we observe an increasing interest in acquisition of global-offset seismic data for<br>commercial prospecting in geologically complex areas, eg. in areas of basalt flows or thrust<br>belts (Operto et al. 2004, Colombo, 2005). The broad range of recorded offsets provides a<br>sufficient ray coverage for traveltime tomography and enhances the depth-migrated images by<br>using more energetic wide-angle reflections. Such data are also well suited for frequencydomain<br>full waveform inversion (FWI) – a method which was recently used for imaging<br>complex structures (Ravaut et al., 2004).<br>In this study we present the workflow and results of 2-D frequency domain waveform<br>tomography (WT) applied to the global-offset seismic data acquired in central Poland along a<br>50-km long profile during GRUNDY 2003 experiment (Malinowski et al. 2007). The WT<br>method allows full exploitation of the wide-aperture content of these data and produces in a<br>semi-automatic way both the detailed P-wave velocity model and the structural image (i.e.,<br>perturbations in respect to the starting model).


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