A study area – “The Bohemian Cretaceous Basin” forms the north-eastern part of Bohemia (Fig.1). The main reason for selecting the central part of this structure as an object of the study was its significance for water management, in terms of important natural groundwater resources of mineral water in the vicinity of the Poděbrady spa. The aim of the study is to synthesise available data, to assess natural groundwater resources and to keep the groundwater safe. Furthermore, the goal is to propose ways of rational groundwater development, to consider the impact of groundwater overexploitation in the Poděbrady spa, as well as that of industry, agriculture and landfills on the Poděbrady vicinity environment. This study tends to summarize the results of different earlier logging measurements (62 boreholes) together with surface geophysical interpretation and by this way to yield important information for hydrogeological conclusions.


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