Construction of a 3D geological model from seismic and weIl data has led to an improved understanding of the 3D sedimentary evolution of meandering turbidite channel reservoirs in the Mandorove Formation (early Miocene-age) of offshore Gabon. The data used by this study comes from the Baudroie Marine and Baliste fields. The reservoir is a low net-to-gross unit up to 450 m thick. Numerous sandstone bodies (10- 50 m thick) in a background of shale are recognised in this interval from weIl data. Standard seismic stratigraphic study has defined the architecture of the reservoir interval. The reservoir body has a ribbon-like geometry. At the margins of the body, a series of stacked erosion surfaces are recognised, however it is difficult to trace these erosion surfaces into the interior of the body. The reservoir is situated between two radioactive shale horizons.


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