The need of increasing the quality of water wells is contributing to extend the use of geophysical well logging, as an essential technique to optimize the exploitations and to control of the ground-water resources also. Besides the development of new technologies and interpretation methods, the popularisation of this technique requires the optimization of the results obtained from the different welllogs (even maintaining the employment of a relative low cost devices), arousing the interest of the technicians involved with the different fields related with boreholes. In this communication, we present a summary of the conventional weIl logs with a higher hydrogeological application, The possibilities of each of them are pointed out in a schematic way. Overall, the use of geophysical logs in the hydrogeology's field can be divided in two main groups: the conventional logs used during the drilling phase, which will determine the constructive characteristics of the borehole, and the specific logs used in casing(piped) boreholes, which will define the optimum design of the exploitation.


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